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Day 11 - Business as Usual

D ay 11 was a quiet or a busy day - depending how you look at it. I dod not do much, did not go anywhere and did not achieve anything really. I went to my customer in the morning and spent the day there till after 5 when I went to the guest house, had a quiet dinner and then retreated with a book. Nothing special to report. I did however have fun writing my blog.

I also followed the cricket with my cellphone. I really love the apps that are available for the iPhone and absolutely love riling up BlackBerry owners. I had to use one of them for two years due to the company that told me that I had to use it, only to find it to be the most disappointing phone I ever owned. It was a Curve with the rollerball, and I have to seen a more ill-conceived idea than that rollerball in my life. Yeah - sure they fixed it in the next version by having a little pad thingey, but if you apply bad design once, you will do it again, and for my sins I had to live with the rollerball that continually got stuck for more than two years. That is where Apple shine - they know how to design. I switched to Apple, and that was the end of it. Sure - I had a longer battery life on my Blackberry, but really - something as fundamentally flawed as the interface not being accessible is inexcusable.

So will I ever support RIM? No. You cannot afford to pay tSilly photohat kind of money for something that does not work. I feel the same about Microsoft's phone OS. I had three different devices with it through the years. All of them were bad. Every time they say that it the new OS is great. It never is, so I will not buy a phone with Microsoft's OS on it until they can actually get their act together and produce something of the quality of Apple.

The Cricket was truly amazing. The sheer pleasure of seeing the Aussies being all windgat after they bowled out the Proteas for 96, only to be all bowled out for 47 gave me the cricket moment of the last few years. The previous cricket moment was when the Aussies put up that mammoth score, and the Proteas still beat them.

I really love that game.

Just to keep with the program, I decided to do an unlikely portrait of me. The camera in the picture is my little old compact that I took day 10's Strand pictures with. No, I am not family of either Eugene Terreblanche or Paul Kruger, and I think the beard is going off tomorrow morning. I have pretty much had my fill of it.  It is just too tiring to explain to everybody why I am growing it. I also do not want my next musicvideo rejected from any television channel because I am too old. Yes, it happened to me with MK. Go figure ad my Friend Annie would say.

Things are firming up for me to go and do some work in Saudi Arabia in December, so even though I have been planning to take a bit of a holiday, it seems unlikely that I will be able to. Too bad. It is overdue. I would love to take a couple of days in the sunshine and just chill out, take pics, write new song, watch movies, and do things that people who chill out like to do.  I have been thinking and I think I need a party. Soon.


Gideon van Zyl Written on Friday, 11 November 2011 17:31 by Gideon van Zyl

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