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Day 13 - Great to be home for a Saturday

I like Saturdays. They are like the missing day that defines what you would be doing if your were not working to put bread on the table. So the question that I love to ask people - "If you won 20 million Rand, would you be doing what you are doing now?" In most cases, the answer is a simple no. So what would life be like if all the people who detested their jobs could just swap with other people who detest their jobs - would people be happy? I don't think so. I have an old friend who always says that people become unhappy when they do not have anything to do. If somebody is complaining bitterly about hoe things are, give them a job and they would probably stop complaining, and be happy.

So am I hapy with what I am doing? if I look at what I do over weekends - probably not. I am probably for a large part of my life not doing what I should be doing, which is spend more time in being happy rather than spend it in the pursuit of happiness.


I am not going to bore you numbless with how my Saturday was, but here in short. I started the morning by shaving my beard off. I left the moustache on, because it is after all Movember. After studying my pics on this blog, I am seriously considering just getting rid of the moh as well.

After shaving teh beard, I went to hairperson, and she gave me a short back and sides and did strange things with different stuff that she puts on hair, and the result is also visible in teh pic.

We then did lunch - I lay on a fire, and we braaied a few porterhouse steaks, and had that with salad as main meal. Then for the rest of teh day, I just did exactly what I wanted. I played a game on teh kid's PS3, read a book, watched a movie and then went to sleep.

Weight loss for the day is 400 grams.

Pretty normal


So that's it folks - time to catch a sleep. Tomorrow will definitely be a log day.



Gideon van Zyl Written on Sunday, 13 November 2011 23:11 by Gideon van Zyl

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